Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's your "Well Being" score?

We all fall into the trap of trying to improve our lives by buying into programs that promise to help us make money, lose weight, or strengthen our relationships.

While it might be easier to treat these critical areas in our lives as if they are independent, they're not. I recently came across a book written by the same author who wrote "StrengthsFinder 2.0" (one of my favorite books), his newest book is called "Well Being- The Five Essential Elements".

This book provides a holistic view of what contributes to your wellbeing over a lifetime. Those areas are:
  • Career Wellbeing
  • Social Wellbeing
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Community Wellbeing
As a complement to the book, you'll have the opportunity to use Gallup's online Wellbeing Assessment tool to track and improve your wellbeing. By the time you finish this book, you'll have a better understanding of what makes life worthwhile. It's a great book and definitely worth your time!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

My first blog

What would we do without computers? I find myself writing my first blog about this topic because I have had one of those days where technology worked completely against me and my productivity.

It began with this great idea I had to re-design my website (last year). I thought that in order to have a good website, it needed to be updated on a consistent basis and heck I could do that. So I took it upon myself to work with someone who knew how to design a website and made the transition to a company called "Webstarts".

Today was that day we made the transition and needless to say, my friends at Webstarts knew what they were doing but a few others did not. There was some major confusion on who had what information...things like mx records, IP addresses, name servers, hosting, etc. Yikes...I really thought I was well versed in technology but felt lost in these 3 way conference calls.

Now everything is moved over and working...so I need to take a deep breathe and be happy that my new website is finally up and running. I appreciate technology so much more after today. I decided not to get frustrated but be appreciative that we have this in our world today. I have the ability to post this blog on my website, upload pictures of my son playing baseball to my facebook page and plug in an address in my GPS so I won't get lost.

Although I felt it wasn't a productive day today...I know tomorrow is going to be a great day. I hope it is for you too.

Best Regards,